Coalition for Worker Ownership and Power

Worker Ownership for Strong Massachusetts Communities

Policies to Expand Worker Ownership for an Equitable Economic Recovery

Our innovative and cost-effective policy platform strengthens local economies, addresses racial injustice, builds wealth in marginalized communities, and allows workers to prioritize job stability, job creation and innovation–all while reducing the strain on state and local government finances.

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Massachusetts workers, families and communities have been hit hard by the pandemic and resulting economic crisis. Our economic recovery plan ensures that Massachusetts builds back not only better, but sustainably, equitably, and more resilient. 

The Policy Platform

Training for Worker-Owners

Expand and proactively enable existing workforce development training programs like WIA, TOP and OJT to support worker ownership

Grants & Loan Guarantees

Provide catalytic capital to resource start-ups, existing worker cooperatives, and worker ownership conversions.


Ensure access to resources and state benefits by creating a certification that sets standards for various forms of worker-owned and governed businesses.

Technical Assistance

Increase funding for nonprofit providers offering technical assistance and business development support to worker-owned enterprises.

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Coalition for Worker Ownership and Power (COWOP)

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