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of the Coalition for Worker Ownership and Power (COWOP)



Technical Assistance

Sponsors TBD

Via an amendment to the state budget this Spring, we are proposing a significant funding increase for small nonprofit providers of coop development technical assistance.  This funding and expansion of services would support local entrepreneurs, especially people of color, to establish new worker coops, as well as conversions of existing traditional businesses to democratically run worker-owned ones.

Grants & Loan Guarantees

Sponsors TBD

We are working to develop a significant new capital pool to fund the growth of the worker coop ecosystem in MA.  Details of this capital pool, including its exact scale, criteria for funding and who will administer it, are being determined in ongoing discussions with stakeholders.

Under exploration:

There are several policy areas of interest that the coalition is exploring and will share publicly pending due process.

By building a robust worker-owned cooperative infrastructure, the Cooperative MA policy platform will support a just recovery from the COVID-19 economic crisis, while making strides towards an equitable economy for workers and communities across Massachusetts. Download our policy platform 1-pager here.

Join entrepreneurs, workers and communities across the Commonwealth.

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