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Worker ownership is an innovative and proven approach to community wealth building and sustainability.

NEW REPORT: “Mapping and Taking Inventory of Massachusetts Cooperative Ecosystems” from UMass Amherst

New to
Worker Ownership?

This guide by the ICA Group (headquartered in Northampton, MA) is a great place to start! We also recommend the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC) overview of worker cooperatives.

Essentials of
the Policy Platform

We’re working on a 1-page summary of our policy platform provides a summary of what you need to know: an overview of the policies, why they’ll work, and the context they’re responding to. Come back soon to get your copy of the 1-pager.

The Nitty Gritty

Interested in the policy details? Read the bill language here and learn more about our legislative sponsors by visiting the Massachusetts Legislature’s website.

Ready to take action?

Express your support and help make this policy platform a reality by using our form letter above.

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